We Believe

Our determination, optimism and knowledge ensures that every project we work on is treated as a partnership. We are here to remove the limitations, deal with both the big and the small stuff, allowing our clients  freedom in the knowledge that their project is being managed with excellence



With well over 25 years of production experience, and over 140 commercials serviced in Chile during the past 10 years, Sylvie’s personal dedication and uncompromising attention to detail is what attracts a myriad of international clients to Chile.


  • Equipment Rental

    Service Station has access to high discounts in Chile, Argentina, Miami and LA. With these solid conections in place, we are able to offer the latest camera, lighting and grip equipment at reasonable, competitive rates. As Chile is the only country in South America that recognizes the ATA carnet, importation of equipment is a very easy and quick process.

  • Casting and Talent

    This is a major draw card for filming in Chile. Contrary to the general view, Chile has a diversity of talent at low buyout costs. We deal directly with the agents and ensure that fees are favourable in sustaining the industry in Chile.

  • Post Production

    We offer world class laboratories and all post production services

  • Production Budget

    Since we know the business in Chile and have access to the top crew, we are in a position to negotiate and work with our clients in delivering low cost, high production value bids

  • Scouting of Unique Locations

    Chile offers a diverse range of locations incuding the European city, downtown US financial districts, green meadows, Snow-capped mountains, 5000km of coastline, endless deserts and the Patagonia lakes and valleys.

  • Transport and Accommodations

    We know the best transport providers and hotels to make your stay in Chile a memorable one.

  • World Class Crew

    Chilean professionals and technicians are highly skilled and have world-class working standards and experience. The country has a depth of bilingual producers, technicians and creative talent, all of whom are committed to assisting filmmakers in realizing their concepts.

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