• Climate and Time Zone

    Chile has an opposite weather season to the northern hemisphere but shares a similar timezone with North America and has just a five-hour time difference with most European countries

  • Locations

    You will find more European or North American style suburbs, backyards, avenues, houses, snow mountains, beaches and rolling wheat fields than any other South American country

  • Tax Reimbursment

    On project approval, most production companies in Chile are able to get a fixed exchange rate, eliminating the risk of unfavorable rate variations. There is a VAT of 19% in Chile, which we as the Service Company reclaim from the Government, and our clients are therefore not charged this fee.

  • Accommodations and Restaurants

    The hotel industry in Chile is the most developed in South America, having the only concession of the exclusive Ritz-Carlton chain on the continent. along with the W hotel and many new boutique hotels. Additionally Chile offers a wide range of restaurants and international cuisine

  • Transparency and Stability

    Based on International Transparency standards, Chile has the lowest degree of corruption on the continent. According to the United States’ State Department, Santiago is the safest city in South America. According to Forbes Magazine (September 2010) Chile is the best South American country for doing business. It was also voted the top country to visit in 2011

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